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With almost 70 years of expertise, De Rocker Logistics facilitates the distribution of your temperature-sensitive goods to industrial customers, retail, wholesale and retail. From our state-of-the-art distribution center in Zele, we act as a link between your business, customers and suppliers in the BENELUX and Northern France. We have a young fleet equipped with temperature registration and accompanying reading stations to ensure that your goods are transported at the required temperature at all times.

Road transport is essential for an integrated supply chain in the BENELUX. De Rocker Logistics provides smooth transportation to the customer using impeccable equipment that is controlled by professional dispatchers. We use a modern Transport Management System (TMS) and corresponding on-board computers to ensure efficient transport planning, execution and monitoring.

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Wij maken een onderscheid tussen vers en ambiente goederen, vandaar de opsplitsing in temperatuur.

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De actieradius van De Rocker Logistics bevindt zich binnen de Benelux en Noord-Frankrijk

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