Nothing is left to chance in our temperature-controlled sustainable warehouses in Zele and Baasrode. Precision, speed and flexibility is ensured by a new stock management system (WMS), an EDI system, barcode scanning for data capture, SSCC and EAN coding and a new cross-dock platform with integrated transport management system (TMS). This enables us to offer various services smoothly!

Our warehouses are equipped for value added logistics as well as storage. We store the most varied range of products: chocolate products, confectionery, dairy products, raw materials, sauces, ... Storage takes place via dedicated warehouse locations per customer and per expectation of the product. In this way, the right temperature and quality requirement is guaranteed at all times.

Value Added Logistics

In order to support our customers we offer various value added services to help increase flexibility, efficiency and lower costs in their supply chain. De Rocker Logistics takes care of various logistics and semi-industrial activities - which are not part of your core activities - and create a tailor-made integrated logistics solution.

  • Order picking
  • Packaging and/or re-packaging
  • Labeling and/or relabeling
  • Quality Control/ Collecting of samples
  • Reconditioning
  • Stock management
  • Managed Services
  • Outsourcing of administration
  • Distribution management

Looking for a productive logistics partnership?

We are engaged in food logistics on a daily basis. It is our absolute core business. With our brand-new distribution centre in Zele, we can provide warehousing and additional tailored services for every customer!